The One Essential Thing in Survival


You never know when you’ll ever be in a survival situation, which is why you need to prepare for anything and everything. But even if you are prepared, even if you have all the survival gear the books, videos, and experts say you should have, you can still meet your end if you lack one thing. It is even possible that you have nothing, not even proper clothing, but since you have this one thing you survive. It is not survival know-how, it is not something you learn, what … Read more


Survival, Bugs and Natural Pesticides

It is essential to protect yourself from everything that could, but you in danger in the wild, something as small as a bug could give you something that would be trivial in the comforts of civilization but an incredible burden when in the wild. You are prey to a lot of things when you are in the wild, including things smaller than you, only by knowing the resources available to you in the wild can you protect yourself from the dangers of it. Knowledge is power not only in civilization … Read more


Using an Unlikely Survival Trick I learned In Atlanta

I just got back from a trip to Atlanta, and the first thing I thought about doing is writing an article about an interesting experience I had while camping. This isn’t exactly an exciting story of survival today, as I was fortunate enough to experience a camping trip without anything too grand from happening. Yup, you read it right, a “survival” story that doesn’t really have a survival element in it, just an interesting little moment where I got to use an unlikely survival trick.

So I have an electrician … Read more


How To Survive Natural Calamities

Survival skills might sound useless to you now. But just like first aid, knowing how to survive in unusual situations is your lifeline to safety until help arrives. There are so many instances that can put you in dangerous situations. You do not have to be in the middle of wilderness to be in need of survival skills.

We also need to know about urban survival skills. We are not talking about the zombie apocalypse or surviving a major carpet disaster where the only thing we need to do … Read more


Prepping Pest Control for Tampa Beach Camping

Camping is a family tradition within mine and I was always excited for each new location we ventured into. Every summer, we always go to at least five camping sites and we’d stay there for a day or two. Hearing the animals in the forests and the waters relaxed our minds and the walking was a form of exercise. Sometimes, we came upon nearby falls so we also enjoyed swimming with the whole camping activity.


For the next summer, my family decided that we should try something new: beach camping. … Read more


Survival Guide Part 2: Surviving Harsh Environments


Surviving a harsh environment will depend greatly on what you consider a harsh environment to be. If you have lived in the desert for the most of your life, then you will have already adapted to it so much that you wouldn’t really consider it as a harsh one. Thwat is why it is important for people to be informed by the ways of the locals living in the land. Humans are pretty good at adapting to new environments, and survival situations are just moments where people are put into … Read more


Survival Guide Part 1: Finding Water

The human body can survive about three weeks without food, though those three weeks will be torment, but when it comes to water you only have about three days before your body gives in, so it is clear which the priority is. You have to remember though, that you are trying to conserve what little water you have in your body, so it would more beneficial for you to rest and only move when it is cool enough. When the time is right, after assessing your situation and prepping yourself … Read more


Don’t Worry Too Much About Superficial Injuries

Okay, so you are in some problematic survival situation, and you were injured. The one thing we always keep talking about when it comes to surviving is DO NOT PANIC. Unless if you are in a situation when a limb is torn off, your life is in no danger, so when it comes to injuries that doesn’t look serious just clean it with water and cover it up, making sure that it won’t get infected. Do not attempt to do anything crazy like cauterize it, because it will definitely get … Read more


How in Tucson I Learned the Importance of Having a Strong Back in Survival

Back July I decided to go to Tucson to rough it and practice my survival in the desert, the reason why I chose that place was that I had friend there who could help if things go south. After finding the right place to camp and practice my skills I prepped on supplies, plotted my course and notified the people close to me of where I was going to be and when they should expect me back, you should already know this but this is the one of the major … Read more


Surviving Being Shipwrecked

raftDubai yacht charter can be an amazing experience, but sometimes things can go wrong at sea, if you are far from shore, getting rescued will often not take too long, but in the off chance that it will because of some error in your part or something similar, it is always good to have some knowledge of how to survive at sea. The key to survival is not to give up, no matter what just keep on fighting for your life and you will do well to survive.

 … Read more


A Few Tips to Increase Your Chances of Survival in a Survival Situation

Okay, so you want to make sure that you will survive when you are in a survival situation. There are many things you can do to make the probability of surviving significantly increase, most of them simple enough, some of them are quite surprising and might seem contrary to common survival knowledge, which are actually common misconceptions of survival. So remember what you read today, because it might just save your life… Or not… you will understand what I mean when you finish reading everything in this article.

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