The One Essential Thing in Survival


You never know when you’ll ever be in a survival situation, which is why you need to prepare for anything and everything. But even if you are prepared, even if you have all the survival gear the books, videos, and experts say you should have, you can still meet your end if you lack one thing. It is even possible that you have nothing, not even proper clothing, but since you have this one thing you survive. It is not survival know-how, it is not something you learn, what we are talking about is determination.

You could have all the tools in the world, it doesn’t even have to be a survival situation, and it could simply be living life in general. You can have all the tools and connections one would need to have a fulfilling, productive, rich, and happy life, but if you are not determined to do something with your life, then it is all useless. No matter what kind of connection or advantages you have, if you take them for granted and do not utilize them, they will waste away and will one day become useless. Even if you have a plan that is perfectly crafted to solve any problem, if you have no determination or ability to follow through, then all that planning is all for naught.

It is only your own determination to live will allow you to do so. When in a survival situation that seems grim, it is essential for you to tell yourself that you will not be dying there, that you will live on. Of course there are factors like luck an coincident which may allow you to live through something terrible, but thinking that you would be so lucky will more often than not lead you to your demise.

dice-chancesEven without anything with you, if you are determined enough to survive, chances are you will. With determination you will allow yourself to solve one small problem, and then another, and another, until you solve enough problems that you might get to go home. That is what is truly essential in surviving, but when you couple it with preparing for the worse and learning the skills that you might need to survive, you increase the likelihood of getting back home alive exponentially.

More often than not, people who get lost in the wilderness and die there had everything they need in their backpack to survive. It can easily be thought that the reason for this is that they did not know how to use those tools effectively, but it could be more than that. It is often said the necessity is the mother of invention, which means that when the need for something becomes essential for survival, then you can find ways to achieve it through utilizing what you have on hand. This could only mean one thing, that though knowing in advance will greatly increase your chances of survival, it is determination that will determine your fate.

Be resolute when the time for survival comes, or even better; just be resolute.


Don’t Worry Too Much About Superficial Injuries

Okay, so you are in some problematic survival situation, and you were injured. The one thing we always keep talking about when it comes to surviving is DO NOT PANIC. Unless if you are in a situation when a limb is torn off, your life is in no danger, so when it comes to injuries that doesn’t look serious just clean it with water and cover it up, making sure that it won’t get infected. Do not attempt to do anything crazy like cauterize it, because it will definitely get infected, you know how burns get infected? That is how it is going to go if you cauterize wounds on your own.

If you are worried about how it would look like after healing, remember that in the right place a scar would look really bad ass! And if you are not into scar, in most cases plastic surgery in Atlanta doesn’t have to cost much, so if you ever get a horrible scar, take a trip to the birthplace of coke and get a relatively cheap surgery to get rid of it. All in all though, when you are in a survival situation I highly recommend not concerning yourself on your looks and concentrating more in surviving.


Poisonous Plants and Venomous Bites

snakeSo first thing’s first, you DO NOT suck out the venom of a snake bite, that could actually do more harm and no good at all. We then go back to the basics of surviving, and that is not to panic, this time your life is quite literally depending on you not panicking, as panicking will cause your heart rate to speed up and speed up the venom traveling in your veins. Now, tourniquets does more bad than good so I don’t recommend doing it, getting to help becomes more urgent now though. All I can tell you is to clean the wound and cover it, not to let it get infected. The treatment for venomous bites can be difficult if help cannot be poison-oakreached immediately, so I suggest buying a snake bite kit that will have everything you need depending on the situation.

As for poisonous plants, you really don’t have to worry much because most of the more common ones are quite an experience, but rather harmless. But there are plants that could kill you by contact, I can list them all here but it would be best for you to Google them yourself so that you will be able to read the descriptions, and see the illustrations yourself. To avoid contact during your trips, research the native plants of the area you will be going to.



The cosmetic result of contact to these plants and effects of the venomous bites will depend on how soon you get help and medication. Most of the time there is little harm and you will return to normal within a few months of recovery. Cosmetic surgery can be applied if scarring or deformities is resulted though.



How in Tucson I Learned the Importance of Having a Strong Back in Survival

Back July I decided to go to Tucson to rough it and practice my survival in the desert, the reason why I chose that place was that I had friend there who could help if things go south. After finding the right place to camp and practice my skills I prepped on supplies, plotted my course and notified the people close to me of where I was going to be and when they should expect me back, you should already know this but this is the one of the major keys to surviving, making sure that people will be looking for you. But what happened out there was not something I had prepared for.



The Trip Getting to my Location

Without boring you of the details, I took an adventurous route to getting to where I decided to camp out. I’m no superman, but I enjoyed going through scenic and adventurous routes, roughing it and making sure that I get a nice workout. It was a fun but relatively uneventful trip, if you call mountain biking through the desert and the amazing view uneventful that is.

I packed lightly, only bringing with me essentials such as food, water, a med kit, and our typical survival gear. It is important to not whey yourself down with inessentials, but I made sure to pack myself a small tent, I got a new one that was super light and handy, as shade is important when it comes to the desert. Everything fit in to my backpack, I had believed that I prepared myself to a fun few days, but apparently I prepared myself to something a bit crappier.


Change of Plans and Survival Mode

The first day was pretty good, getting to the camp site was pretty fun and I got a lot done, I had tried to make a fire with just sticks but gave up and decided to use the waterproof matches.  And just as I was just about to turn in for the night, after watching the night sky, I bent over to pick up my water bottle and boom! I threw my back. It was at that moment, with the paralyzing pain, that I realized that I had no chance of riding back home.

Luckily enough, I had notified every one of my intended location and how long I intended to stay there. I was able to survive the wait, lying in my tent, eating and drinking accordingly, far from the supposed awesome plans I had.

It was at day three that my friends came to check on me and join me that I was saved.  Things would have turned out differently had I not told anyone of my plans, luckily enough I watched “127 Hours”. They took me home and to a chiropractor, in my opinion the best in Tucson, and we enjoyed a beer at my friend’s house.

Always have more than enough supplies to get you through your survival, prepare for the environment you will face, and always tell people where you plan to go and for how long. Had I not done these, this article would have never been written.




Surviving Being Shipwrecked

raftDubai yacht charter can be an amazing experience, but sometimes things can go wrong at sea, if you are far from shore, getting rescued will often not take too long, but in the off chance that it will because of some error in your part or something similar, it is always good to have some knowledge of how to survive at sea. The key to survival is not to give up, no matter what just keep on fighting for your life and you will do well to survive.


Floating, Rafts and Floatation Device

The worst thing that could happen is if you have completely nothing to hold on to, if you managed to have a life jacket on that will really help, but if not you have to preserve your energy by just floating. You can do this by just relaxing your body and let the water carry you. Check for boats every now and then, but remember to preserve your energy to survive long enough to be rescued.

But if your boat happens to have left a few things floating after whatever incident you experience, try to find the largest piece to use as a floatation device, if possible tie a few things together to make raft, as that will increase your chances of survival. If the yacht you rented has a life raft, you are pretty much set, as they are often stocked with supplies for survival.

Water, the One Thing You Need To Worry About

Life rafts should have some water or some sort of water collection device that can help you survive your time at sea, but if you are floating on a raft, the best way to collect water is by preparing something to catch rain water, like a bowl or a  plastic sheet formed for water collection. Your clothes can also be used to collect rain water, by first washing it with sea water to get off the dried salt deposit, and ring it as much as you can. The water collected will be a bit salty at first, but after ringing it once (after soaking it in the rain) the salinity would be low enough for consumption, much more after the succeeding water collection.

If you are worried about food, you should know that you can live for weeks without food, and that you should waste too much energy on it if it’s too hard to find. But often times small fishes like to hang out under rafts and boats, if you can find a way to catch them, they are a viable source of nutrition.

Survive as Long as You Can and Find a Way to Signal

Just never give up and you will survive, and while waiting find something to signal with, something brightly collared or something shiny, anything that will attract attention. Flare guns should be available with life rafts, be sure to keep them dry and not to waste them when there is clearly no one out there to see it.


Hope for the best during your vacations and adventures, but always prepare for the worst and never give up during a survival situation.



A Few Tips to Increase Your Chances of Survival in a Survival Situation

Okay, so you want to make sure that you will survive when you are in a survival situation. There are many things you can do to make the probability of surviving significantly increase, most of them simple enough, some of them are quite surprising and might seem contrary to common survival knowledge, which are actually common misconceptions of survival. So remember what you read today, because it might just save your life… Or not… you will understand what I mean when you finish reading everything in this article.

1.) Don’t Get Yourself into a Survival Situation – Survival Percentage Increase: 100% 

If you really want to survive, you should avoid getting into situations that you might get killed. It is actually quite rare to find yourself in survival situations because of matters beyond your control. Most of the time, the reason why people are in survival situations is because of their own fault and pride, if you are in a situation where you might get into trouble but still have a chance of going back, don’t risk it. It is pretty obvious why the chance of survival is 100% with this.

2.) Don’t Give Up – Survival Percentage Increase: 100 % 

We have covered determination before, but it is the most essential thing when it comes to surviving. Though, not giving up will allow you to survive 100% of the time compared to those who does, this does not mean the chances of surviving is 100%.

3.) Rest Now, Look for Water Later -– Survival Percentage Increase: 80% 

So, contrary to popular belief it is actually not a good idea to immediately look for water when it comes to hot places, if possible look for water after resting in the shade when it is cooler. If not, you might end up sweating what little water your body has and end up dehydrating faster.

Okay so the percentage thing is arbitrary. I gave this an 80%, because let’s face it, a lot of things can happen in the dessert.

4.) No Need to Look For Food Immediately.

Though it is good if you look for food for the long term, it is essential to prioritize many other things, water is one thing and shelter, among others. You can live for weeks without food, though it won’t be very fun, with your body’s fat reserves. And they say that love handles are useless.

No percentage for this, because if you prioritize important things you might get rescued faster, but in the event that rescue takes time, if you gather enough food you will have enough energy for the wait. It is important to make sure you don’t endanger yourself when you do look for food though, much like looking for water, make sure you don’t overexert yourself.

5.) Prepare – Survival Percentage Increase: 50% 

If you know survival stuff and have survival gear and maybe some rations you will increase your likelihood of survival. The reason why this only gets 50% though (Apart from the fact that it is a completely arbitrary number) is that your determination to survive is more important than this.


These are merely a few tips to start you out, it is best to know more if you would like to really have a chance to survive in the wild.