About Cambrian Survival

Everybody should learn how to survive in the wild, though the chances of you needing the skills is not that high, when you do need it, it will determine the chances of you living.

Cambrian Survival started out as a group of camping enthusiast, then a small nameless group of friends and acquaintances, it was when a fellow member of our team survived a few days in the wilderness alone after a few mishaps, that we realized the importance of spreading the necessary skills and know-how to get out of the wilderness alive.

More often than not those who gets lost in the wilderness and die actually had all that they needed in their backpack to survive. The goal of Cambrian survival is to educate people how to survive by sharing information, correcting misconceptions, and sharing stories of people who survived and sometimes the stories of those who have met their avoidable unfortunate fate.

We implore you to learn survival skills, whether or not it is with us, not just for your own safety but for the safety of your loved ones.