Don’t Worry Too Much About Superficial Injuries

Okay, so you are in some problematic survival situation, and you were injured. The one thing we always keep talking about when it comes to surviving is DO NOT PANIC. Unless if you are in a situation when a limb is torn off, your life is in no danger, so when it comes to injuries that doesn’t look serious just clean it with water and cover it up, making sure that it won’t get infected. Do not attempt to do anything crazy like cauterize it, because it will definitely get infected, you know how burns get infected? That is how it is going to go if you cauterize wounds on your own.

If you are worried about how it would look like after healing, remember that in the right place a scar would look really bad ass! And if you are not into scar, in most cases plastic surgery in Atlanta doesn’t have to cost much, so if you ever get a horrible scar, take a trip to the birthplace of coke and get a relatively cheap surgery to get rid of it. All in all though, when you are in a survival situation I highly recommend not concerning yourself on your looks and concentrating more in surviving.


Poisonous Plants and Venomous Bites

snakeSo first thing’s first, you DO NOT suck out the venom of a snake bite, that could actually do more harm and no good at all. We then go back to the basics of surviving, and that is not to panic, this time your life is quite literally depending on you not panicking, as panicking will cause your heart rate to speed up and speed up the venom traveling in your veins. Now, tourniquets does more bad than good so I don’t recommend doing it, getting to help becomes more urgent now though. All I can tell you is to clean the wound and cover it, not to let it get infected. The treatment for venomous bites can be difficult if help cannot be poison-oakreached immediately, so I suggest buying a snake bite kit that will have everything you need depending on the situation.

As for poisonous plants, you really don’t have to worry much because most of the more common ones are quite an experience, but rather harmless. But there are plants that could kill you by contact, I can list them all here but it would be best for you to Google them yourself so that you will be able to read the descriptions, and see the illustrations yourself. To avoid contact during your trips, research the native plants of the area you will be going to.



The cosmetic result of contact to these plants and effects of the venomous bites will depend on how soon you get help and medication. Most of the time there is little harm and you will return to normal within a few months of recovery. Cosmetic surgery can be applied if scarring or deformities is resulted though.