Getting Started

Okay, so if you are going to survive a few days in the wild, have the following things with you will greatly increase the chances of your survival and will open different possibilities of different situations.

1.) Pocket Knife/ Swiss Knife

Carrying a Swiss or Pocket Knife will allow you to get through a lot of survival situations. The tool is so versatile that if you can only bring one thing in this list this should probably be it.

There used to be a time that carrying a pocket knife around is a good idea, but nowadays there are places that you are not permitted to carry one. None the less it is essential for you to carry one, if you know the place you are going to does not restrict it then you should, but be respectful of the laws and rules if they do restrict it.

2.) Cordage

This is extremely useful. Rope is essential in a lot of situations, and though with enough knowhow you might be able to make one with a knife and a few fibrous materials like some plants, it is better for you to have one handy.

3.) Water Bottle

Plastic, aluminum, or whatever it’s made of, it is essential that you have a bottle of water with you which can be used to collect water later on. Water is essential when it comes to survival, you need to have access to it and a way to bring it around.

4.) Signaling Items

Flashlights and whistles, these are the most basic tools you can use to signal for help. When help comes you might be too weak or at a place that is hard to notice, having a way to signal people will increase the chances of you getting rescued.

5.) First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit with you will allow your chances of survival to soar, as getting badly wounded or an infection from a small one can be the end of you when you are in the wilderness.

These are the basic things for survival, there are more to add on if you want to increase your chances of survival to go up even higher, to know them read and learn more here or at other websites.


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