How in Tucson I Learned the Importance of Having a Strong Back in Survival

Back July I decided to go to Tucson to rough it and practice my survival in the desert, the reason why I chose that place was that I had friend there who could help if things go south. After finding the right place to camp and practice my skills I prepped on supplies, plotted my course and notified the people close to me of where I was going to be and when they should expect me back, you should already know this but this is the one of the major keys to surviving, making sure that people will be looking for you. But what happened out there was not something I had prepared for.



The Trip Getting to my Location

Without boring you of the details, I took an adventurous route to getting to where I decided to camp out. I’m no superman, but I enjoyed going through scenic and adventurous routes, roughing it and making sure that I get a nice workout. It was a fun but relatively uneventful trip, if you call mountain biking through the desert and the amazing view uneventful that is.

I packed lightly, only bringing with me essentials such as food, water, a med kit, and our typical survival gear. It is important to not whey yourself down with inessentials, but I made sure to pack myself a small tent, I got a new one that was super light and handy, as shade is important when it comes to the desert. Everything fit in to my backpack, I had believed that I prepared myself to a fun few days, but apparently I prepared myself to something a bit crappier.

Change of Plans and Survival Mode

The first day was pretty good, getting to the camp site was pretty fun and I got a lot done, I had tried to make a fire with just sticks but gave up and decided to use the waterproof matches.  And just as I was just about to turn in for the night, after watching the night sky, I bent over to pick up my water bottle and boom! I threw my back. It was at that moment, with the paralyzing pain, that I realized that I had no chance of riding back home.

Luckily enough, I had notified every one of my intended location and how long I intended to stay there. I was able to survive the wait, lying in my tent, eating and drinking accordingly, far from the supposed awesome plans I had.

It was at day three that my friends came to check on me and join me that I was saved.  Things would have turned out differently had I not told anyone of my plans, luckily enough I watched “127 Hours”. They took me home and to a chiropractor, in my opinion the best in Tucson, and we enjoyed a beer at my friend’s house.

Always have more than enough supplies to get you through your survival, prepare for the environment you will face, and always tell people where you plan to go and for how long. Had I not done these, this article would have never been written.