A Few Tips to Increase Your Chances of Survival in a Survival Situation

Okay, so you want to make sure that you will survive when you are in a survival situation. There are many things you can do to make the probability of surviving significantly increase, most of them simple enough, some of them are quite surprising and might seem contrary to common survival knowledge, which are actually common misconceptions of survival. So remember what you read today, because it might just save your life… Or not… you will understand what I mean when you finish reading everything in this article.

1.) Don’t Get Yourself into a Survival Situation – Survival Percentage Increase: 100% 

If you really want to survive, you should avoid getting into situations that you might get killed. It is actually quite rare to find yourself in survival situations because of matters beyond your control. Most of the time, the reason why people are in survival situations is because of their own fault and pride, if you are in a situation where you might get into trouble but still have a chance of going back, don’t risk it. It is pretty obvious why the chance of survival is 100% with this.

2.) Don’t Give Up – Survival Percentage Increase: 100 % 

We have covered determination before, but it is the most essential thing when it comes to surviving. Though, not giving up will allow you to survive 100% of the time compared to those who does, this does not mean the chances of surviving is 100%.

3.) Rest Now, Look for Water Later -– Survival Percentage Increase: 80% 

So, contrary to popular belief it is actually not a good idea to immediately look for water when it comes to hot places, if possible look for water after resting in the shade when it is cooler. If not, you might end up sweating what little water your body has and end up dehydrating faster.

Okay so the percentage thing is arbitrary. I gave this an 80%, because let’s face it, a lot of things can happen in the dessert.

4.) No Need to Look For Food Immediately.

Though it is good if you look for food for the long term, it is essential to prioritize many other things, water is one thing and shelter, among others. You can live for weeks without food, though it won’t be very fun, with your body’s fat reserves. And they say that love handles are useless.

No percentage for this, because if you prioritize important things you might get rescued faster, but in the event that rescue takes time, if you gather enough food you will have enough energy for the wait. It is important to make sure you don’t endanger yourself when you do look for food though, much like looking for water, make sure you don’t overexert yourself.

5.) Prepare – Survival Percentage Increase: 50% 

If you know survival stuff and have survival gear and maybe some rations you will increase your likelihood of survival. The reason why this only gets 50% though (Apart from the fact that it is a completely arbitrary number) is that your determination to survive is more important than this.


These are merely a few tips to start you out, it is best to know more if you would like to really have a chance to survive in the wild.