Surviving Being Shipwrecked

raftDubai yacht charter can be an amazing experience, but sometimes things can go wrong at sea, if you are far from shore, getting rescued will often not take too long, but in the off chance that it will because of some error in your part or something similar, it is always good to have some knowledge of how to survive at sea. The key to survival is not to give up, no matter what just keep on fighting for your life and you will do well to survive.


Floating, Rafts and Floatation Device

The worst thing that could happen is if you have completely nothing to hold on to, if you managed to have a life jacket on that will really help, but if not you have to preserve your energy by just floating. You can do this by just relaxing your body and let the water carry you. Check for boats every now and then, but remember to preserve your energy to survive long enough to be rescued.

But if your boat happens to have left a few things floating after whatever incident you experience, try to find the largest piece to use as a floatation device, if possible tie a few things together to make raft, as that will increase your chances of survival. If the yacht you rented has a life raft, you are pretty much set, as they are often stocked with supplies for survival.

Water, the One Thing You Need To Worry About

Life rafts should have some water or some sort of water collection device that can help you survive your time at sea, but if you are floating on a raft, the best way to collect water is by preparing something to catch rain water, like a bowl or a  plastic sheet formed for water collection. Your clothes can also be used to collect rain water, by first washing it with sea water to get off the dried salt deposit, and ring it as much as you can. The water collected will be a bit salty at first, but after ringing it once (after soaking it in the rain) the salinity would be low enough for consumption, much more after the succeeding water collection.

If you are worried about food, you should know that you can live for weeks without food, and that you should waste too much energy on it if it’s too hard to find. But often times small fishes like to hang out under rafts and boats, if you can find a way to catch them, they are a viable source of nutrition.

Survive as Long as You Can and Find a Way to Signal

Just never give up and you will survive, and while waiting find something to signal with, something brightly collared or something shiny, anything that will attract attention. Flare guns should be available with life rafts, be sure to keep them dry and not to waste them when there is clearly no one out there to see it.


Hope for the best during your vacations and adventures, but always prepare for the worst and never give up during a survival situation.