The One Essential Thing in Survival


You never know when you’ll ever be in a survival situation, which is why you need to prepare for anything and everything. But even if you are prepared, even if you have all the survival gear the books, videos, and experts say you should have, you can still meet your end if you lack one thing. It is even possible that you have nothing, not even proper clothing, but since you have this one thing you survive. It is not survival know-how, it is not something you learn, what we are talking about is determination.

You could have all the tools in the world, it doesn’t even have to be a survival situation, and it could simply be living life in general. You can have all the tools and connections one would need to have a fulfilling, productive, rich, and happy life, but if you are not determined to do something with your life, then it is all useless. No matter what kind of connection or advantages you have, if you take them for granted and do not utilize them, they will waste away and will one day become useless. Even if you have a plan that is perfectly crafted to solve any problem, if you have no determination or ability to follow through, then all that planning is all for naught.

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It is only your own determination to live will allow you to do so. When in a survival situation that seems grim, it is essential for you to tell yourself that you will not be dying there, that you will live on. Of course there are factors like luck an coincident which may allow you to live through something terrible, but thinking that you would be so lucky will more often than not lead you to your demise.

dice-chancesEven without anything with you, if you are determined enough to survive, chances are you will. With determination you will allow yourself to solve one small problem, and then another, and another, until you solve enough problems that you might get to go home. That is what is truly essential in surviving, but when you couple it with preparing for the worse and learning the skills that you might need to survive, you increase the likelihood of getting back home alive exponentially.

More often than not, people who get lost in the wilderness and die there had everything they need in their backpack to survive. It can easily be thought that the reason for this is that they did not know how to use those tools effectively, but it could be more than that. It is often said the necessity is the mother of invention, which means that when the need for something becomes essential for survival, then you can find ways to achieve it through utilizing what you have on hand. This could only mean one thing, that though knowing in advance will greatly increase your chances of survival, it is determination that will determine your fate.

Be resolute when the time for survival comes, or even better; just be resolute.